At intense adventure there is nothing we love more than providing schools with all the tools they need to run a successful duke of Edinburgh program. Below is a list of what we offer as standard to all schools however if your school would benefit from additional support please get in touch as we will work with you on this.

We provide:

  • Personalised programs to meet your schools needs
  • Full pastoral care
  • We operate a one school policy, so you have our full focus
  • Online consent forms for ease and reliability
  • All group equipment
  • First aid training
  • Expedition training lessons
  • GPS tracking devices
  • Support with school paperwork required for expeditions.

Our expeditions are carefully planned to ensure the participants experience a positive and memorable time that they can draw on in the future and be proud of. We have a professional team of experienced instructors who have high standards of health and safety and are passionate about delivering memorable expeditions to young people, we will undoubtedly deliver fun and engaging sessions.

At Intense Adventrure we offer a simple pricing structure, we charge just £35 per person per day.


  • Training Day at the School
  • 2 Day Practice/Training Expedition
  • 2 Day Qualifying Expedition



  • Training Day at the School
  • 3 Day Practice/Training Expedition
  • 3 Day Qualifying Expedition



  • Training Day at the School
  • 3 Day Practice/Training Expedition
  • 1 Day Route Planning
  • 5 Day Qualifying Expedition


For further information please get in touch with us:

Tel: 0333 344 5914 or email: